Fun Ways For Moms to Get In Shape!

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You will soon learn that I don’t like any type of workout that makes me feel like I am working. I know I can’t be the only one that feels that way. As a mom I am already doing things that make me tired all day long and tons of cardio just sounds like a drag!

There are a few things that I actually like to do and they don’t feel like I’m doing too much at all. During these activities, I’m not a mom… I’m Not a girlfriend, I’m just me.

They are my break and my breath of fresh air on the long days of being snack distributor and booty wiper! Don’t get me wrong I love my kids but MAMAS NEED ME TIME TOO!

I hope you go into this with an open mind and maybe you will find it’s the perfect get away for you too!

So what are my favorite hobbies to get in shape?

Yoga And Pole Dancing. Yup, you read that right but before you think “Stripper” and leave, hear me out.


Yoga has so many benefits! The physical benefits are pretty obvious. It can help you lose weight, tighten and tone you, and increase your flexibility. But to me – the best things about yoga can’t be seen.

  • Increased energy
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Breathe better
  • Reduce stress
  • Become more mindful

That is just a small list of things that yoga can do for you.

As I mentioned before, I also enjoy pole dancing. Yoga kind of goes hand in hand with this. It helps me build the strength that I need and the flexibility as well.

What Do I Need To Do Yoga?

If you turn on some yoga and feel like this could be a new thing for you – then you wanna start off with the basics. You really don’t need anything but as you grow to like it more you may want to get…..

  1. Yoga Clothes- Leggings, shorts, tanks, sports bras
  2. Yoga Mat– you can get yoga mats at Walmart or go online for some cute variety!
  3. Yoga Straps– helps to stretch your arms and legs
  4. Yoga Blocks– Helps modify stretches and poses to the right intensity level

How Do I Even Start Yoga?

If you are an outgoing person and you feel like you do better in a group setting, then you could do a simple google search for Yoga Studios near you. But, if you are an introvert like myself, beginner yoga on YouTube will suffice!

I love my YouTube yoga sessions. I don’t have to worry about not being as flexible as anybody else or if I fall out of a move, I can just giggle and move on.

Another huge plus about YouTube is its FREE!

You want to do a pre-yoga warm up or look up gentle yoga stretches. You never want to go straight into deep stretches without first warming up your muscles!

DON’T Push Yourself!

It’s very easy to turn on some yoga videos and feel like you need to be bent like the instructor or do your splits as deep as them but I assure you, you don’t. If you end up stretching too far or pushing your limit, you will just lose all your progress and risk a bad injury.

No matter where you are at on the mat, remember it is all progress and it takes time!

Breathing Is Important!

In the videos, you will notice that they keep getting you to bring your attention to your breathing. Some poses will make you want to hold your breath, and others use your breath to to lengthen and contract your body.

The instructors will tell you when and how to breath, I just wanted to add this in so it is programmed in your brain before you start.

Now, Let’s Talk About This Pole Dancing Thing…

If you are still with me that means that you are a little curious as to why I choose to pole dance out of all of the other weight loss alternatives.

Well If you remember, I said I don’t like anything that feels like work. Although Pole Dancing is hard work- and I mean really hard work! I love it and it is freeing for me.

Now even though I do not strip and I don’t intend to, I will not say that I am “better” than anybody. I respect their choice to do what they want with their body, as they respect what I do with mine. We are all Lovely Women(and Men) with a mutual love for Pole.

With that being said, lets see if it could be for you too!

Benefits of Pole Dancing!

  • Builds confidence
  • Gain Muscle
  • Gain flexibility
  • Build pain tolerance
  • Lose weight

Not only did I reap all of these benefits but I can add a few more of my own to the list. Pole dancing helps me with my depression, and helped me deal with two miscarriages. It helps me to challenge myself and learn to never give up!

Where Can I Pole Dance?

You can call around to your local dance studios and see if any offer pole classes. I didn’t know for the longest time that we had pole classes in my city. It has been a game changer for me. Not only am I progressing much faster, but I found a community full of nothing but Love and Support.

Pole Dancing Class

This picture shows me (all black on the pole) with my pole family. I have never felt so welcomed in a group in my whole life.

I want to give a huge shout out to my instructor, Rebekah. She does her best to make the environment so chill!

She reminds me all the time that my body is beautiful even though I feel like my two kids wrecked it.

If you can find a studio, I highly recommend going- even if you have to force your bff to go with GO!!!!!

If you call around and you are not having any luck, you can get a pole for home.

BUT, Whatever you do, do NOT get a cheap pole! I promise you I am not telling you that because I want you to have to spend a ton of money. I am just saying, if you get a cheap pole from a novelty store you have higher chances if it kicking out and breaking your neck!

SCARY RIGHT?????? Don’t Do It!

The best pole to get is an X-pole if you can afford it. If you can’t afford one of those, I recommend the one I got here.

What Kind Of Pole Do I get!

This is a little bit of a tricky one. There are a few different finishes for poles. If you are a sweaty Betty, like me, you may want silicone. I haven’t personally got to try it yet but, when I save up enough, It’s mine!

What If I Can’t Dance?

Alot of the time, when I invite people, I get the excuse that they can’t dance. That is perfectly fine! Most of the time I am not dancing- I’m using what little bit of strength I have to get into moves.

I’m Too Big For Pole Dancing…..

No you are not! You can check the weight limit on the poles and I can almost guarantee, you are not too big. My very first pole inspiration was over 300 lbs. She gave me the courage to get a pole. If anything, it will help you build that confidence!

The lovely Rebekah spotting me!

It is so rewarding when you work on a move for so long and then one day, you just come in the studio and crush it. I will forever be a fan of pole dancing to get in shape, to get through a miscarriage, to get over a divorce. Whatever you’re going through…. pole is the answer!

Those are my fun ways to get in shape and I’m hoping they might become yours too! Stay blessed mamas!

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